Peace & Anarchy: Crushing Statism Every Sunday

Peace & Anarchy is a fresh, radically libertarian podcast from co-hosts Tabor Barranti, and myself, Ryan Griggs. Every Sunday we will cover economics, politics, current events, and popular culture from a young, Rothbardian perspective over the course of about 50 minutes. In short, we plan to crush statism on a weekly basis. Won’t you join us?


Why are you doing this?

Tabor and I are disgusted with mainstream media coverage–selective coverage, that is–of economics, politics, current events, and popular culture. But we aren’t all too overjoyed with alternative coverage either. As of January 12, 2016, I know of not a single podcast that consistently applies austro-libertarian (that’s a fancy word for Austrian economics- and libertarian-oriented) principles to the four categories mentioned above. That ends on our launch date January 17.

Who are you two?

me n tabor.jpg

Tabor Barranti is a mechanical engineer for a 3D printing company in Redwood City, CA–we’re talking serious 3D printing, not just 2D printing done over and over again. For more, check out her CEO’s TED Talk. Tabor is a three-time graduate of Mises University, has passed both the written and oral examinations, and attended Judge Andrew Napalitano’s Constitutional Law seminars. While in college, Tabor produced Murray Rothbard’s one act play Mozart was a Red, which you can watch on YouTube here. She was a member of the Baltimore Campaign for Liberty from 2010-2011 and the Boston Austrian Economics Group from 2013-2015. Since late 2015, Tabor’s attended Bob Wenzel of [Economic Policy Journal](‘s monthly Circle Rothbard meeting in San Francisco. Tabor holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Mechanics and Biology and Art Certificates in Fine Art and Digital Art from Johns Hopkins University. Learn more by checking out her LinkedIn profile.

She’s the smarter one.

Ryan Griggs is a graduate student in Economics at California State Unversity, East Bay (CSUEB) in Hayward, CA. He’s interned with the Charles Koch Foundation, the Independent Institute, and of course, the Mises Institute. While interning with Mises, Ryan attended the Rothbard Graduate Seminar and Mises University, passing the written exam and the oral exam, with honors. He also had the honor of moving Murray Rothbard’s 5,000-plus private book collection from storage to the Wolff Library for student, visitor, and scholar access. Ryan is the founder and president of the Young Americans for Liberty chapter at CSUEB, an occasional participant at Circle Rothbard in San Francisco, and a frequent essayist on this site. His public speaking experience is extensive; in high school, he was a top competitor state-wide in California Mock Trial, and was the only freshman to sit with senior Mock Trial members at the attorney’s table while competing with NYU’s national champion team. Ryan holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from CSUEB. Learn more by checking out his LinkedIn profile.

No, we aren’t dating.

What happens on January 17?

On Sunday, January 17, we will have three new episodes ready for your streaming or downloading pleasure. Forget Rush Limbaugh, forget the other weak radio hosts, head over to on Sunday and download the shows through iTunes or Stitcher for your daily commute. Keep in mind that everything, including links to download the shows or to stream them from YouTube, links to social media, and background information about Tabor and I will be available at our website

Where are you on social media?

You can find us on Facebook at

We’re on Twitter @VoiceOfRothbard.

If you’re a user, our presence there will be up and running shortly. I’ll update here in due time.

What can I expect in terms of format?

Tabor and I agree on the fundamentals, but our interests are far and wide-ranging. To accommodate, each week, Tabor and I will bring 3-5 items each, e.g. an article, essay, video, book, etc., from the previous week for discussion. In less than an hour, we’ll dissect each piece and apply a strict libertarian analysis. You’ll come away with an understanding of the topic based solely on libertarian principle, or in the case of economics, an understanding based on what’s actually happening in a given situation. Every so often, we’ll throw in a book review too. Frankly folks, there’s no bullshit here. No left, no right, just the principle of freedom applied to daily matters from two people who tell it straight.

How can I participate?

Your feedback drives our progress. You can email me at or Tabor at General inquiries may be sent to Sign up for our newsletter (and it is a news letter, not a spam letter) at our website for a launch-day reminder and infrequent updates. At the website, you’ll also find a Contact Us page, where you can send us your thoughts. Of course, there’s always social media too (see above).


So subscribe, like, share, tweet, and retweet! Let’s put Peace & Anarchy on the podcast map.


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