Announcing Peace & Anarchy: A New Podcast from Ryan and Tabor


[Peace & Anarchy]( is a weekly libertarian podcast confronting collectivism with radical libertarianism on all fronts. Hitting RSS feeds January 2016.

I met Tabor Barranti at the week long Mises University in Auburn, AL in summer 2013. Two years later, we celebrated Ludwig von Mises’s birthday in San Jose, CA. The reunion was spontaneous; we hadn’t spoken in months.

This time last year, I wanted to start my own podcast. The details were fuzzy, but where were the fresh, young, radically libertarian podcasters? Lew Rockwell’s far too infrequent podcasts were always must-listens. Tom Woods’ interviews were generally excellent. But who was taking to the internet airwaves from my generation? Where was the ruthless libertarian takedown of the avalanche of crap that people young in body or mind must confront each day?

I mentioned my misgivings to Tabor that night in San Jose. Delighted, she replied that she’d been itching to start her own show too. I suggested we combine our efforts. The suggestion itself seemed to imply its own answer.


However, neither of us can claim credit for the name. In November 2015, Tabor attended the day-long Mises Circle conference in Phoenix, AZ. After chatting with Lew Rockwell about her’s and my struggles to come up with a name for the show, his reply was something to the effect of “why not Peace & Anarchy?” Why not indeed.

Given our intellectual roots in the eminent, top pound-for-pound educational organization in the country, you might think Tabor and I will just be echo chambers for the Mises Institute. Not so. I’m already on record disagreeing with Lew on immigration. And you won’t find the same culturally conservative, religious flare one might sense in the work of Lew or Tom Woods. That isn’t to say that Lew, Jeff Deist, and Tom Woods are anything other than libertarian heavyweights. They are; in fact, they’re our inspiration and among our ideological benefactors.

But Peace & Anarchy is a new beast. We’ll take what we perceive to be the hardcore libertarian line on the US empire, the economy, current events, and the encroachment of collectivist thinking in popular culture (think of political correctness on university campuses). No Left. No Right. No neoconservatism. No Bleeding Heart “Libertarianism.” Just good ol’ Rothbardian-inspired anarcho-capitalism.

I’m lucky to have one of the sharpest young libertarian minds I’ve ever encountered as a fellow co-host. Our weekly conversations will feature approximately 45 minutes of plumb-line libertarianism, infused with Millennial wit. Frankly, we’ve got a chip on our shoulder and an axe to grind. Launch is set for January 17, 2016. Consider yourself trigger-warned.

We want you to join our efforts to demonstrate to the world that not all Millenials are a lost cause. You can sign up for our newsletter, shoot us feedback, and learn more about Tabor and I at []( Like our Facebook page by clicking here and tweet us @VoiceofRothbard.

Help us spread the word in the name of peace and anarchy.



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